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Special Edition Chocolate Berry Bucket Bag

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Special Edition Bucket Bag made of Chocolate leather and lightly dyed Berry Brown mink fur.

Product Description

Special Edition Chocolate Berry Bucket Bag

The limited quantity Bucket handbag is a seductive version of a classic. Its large size is meant to be filled up with all the necessities you need to carry with you. There is room for it all, and you can sling your elegance over your shoulder as a show piece!
Rough Spanish leather and a woven canvas strap matched with silky mink fur creates the contrast of masculine and feminine – the essence of Raw Elegance!

This Special Edition bucket bag consists of a unique combination of chocolate brown leather and lightly dyed mink fur who are perfectly matched together. You can sense a hint of Berry in the brown fur if you look closely.
This limited edition color mix consists of only 3 bucket bags.

All our bags come with a dust bag for storage and a certificate of authenticity.


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