Quality – not quantity

Age old leather craftsmanship!

Deep in the mountains of Andalucía, lies a white village known for its expertise in leather goods. Their craftsmanship is of Italian descent from the 17th century. The whole village thrives off its resource with over 100 businesses contributing to leather goods.

This Spanish village was the starting place for Raw Elegance. The first time we went there, we couldn’t believe our eyes! In the distance, a picturesque postcard of rugged mountains, yellow flowers, and a white village placed precisely in the middle of it all. What a fabulous place to do business!!

Since our debut in Spain, we have added an Italian supplier. We are excited to begin working in yet another beautiful location.

Danish mink – The best mink in the world!

Danish mink is considered to be the best mink in the world, and having direct access to a materiel that is associated with elegance is a privilege.
Each fur is handpicked with the purpose of creating a handbag. Concrete thought is put in to the fur before it is set aside for Raw Elegance. Our goal is to ensure the best quality possible.
Each fur must have a destination. It will be included in an existing design or perhaps a new design that is still on the drawing board. We chose conservatively.
Raw Elegance handbags are made from the best mink in the world and are raised ethically by Danish farmers.

When things don’t happen, just remember it takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce, and 13 hours to build a Toyota!

Working with mink fur and doing it in combination with leather and craftsmanship from another country and culture can be time consuming. We believe patience is the key to a quality product. Each phase of development receives care and attention to ensure you get the best product possible to the best of our knowledge.