Valerie Lynn Holeman

“You say I dream too big – I say you think too small!”
Author unknown

I’ve always been called a dreamer with the notion it’s not a productive state. But, dreaming is the way I got where I am today, and how I pave the paths for the future.

“Dreams can come with unfortunate surprises, and if we let that intimidate us, we will never develop!”

As a country girl from Northern California, I dreamed big, and I had many of them!
For example, I dreamed of going up the Eiffel tower one day. After I did it for the third time, I realized how things change perspective.
I dreamed of being a European designer. 20 years later, I can cross that off my list.
I dreamed of having my own company someday, and now I’m in the middle of living that dream. Life is full of new challenges, new people, and I look forward to what’s around the next corner.
Today, I can give myself colorful titles like, “Director of creative research and development”, “International production coordinator”, “Strategic Sales Director”, and “Human resource consultant” to name a few!

I have developed in to an entrepreneur. I never dreamed I could be so resourceful!

The concept for Raw Elegance came from a desire to create something better than I could find in the market. I evaluated my resources, and the idea seemed obvious when it came together.
I am designing my vision.

The idea of fusing Danish mink with European leather and craftsmanship into quality handbags was born!